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Head coach John Harbaugh ranked third out of all coaches

Success starts at the top with the head coach. ranked all the head coaches in the league and the Ravens' very own John Harbaugh finds himself third overall.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens continued success since 2008 can be partly attributed to quarterback Joe Flacco and the rest of the supporting cast of players the Ravens have had. However, the success starts at the top with the head coach. NFL.comranked all the head coaches in the league and the Ravens' very own John Harbaugh finds himself third overall.

Harbaugh's run in Baltimore rivals that of the best coaches of all time. While it might be hard to think of him in such lofty terms, consider that the Ravens have made the postseason in six of Harbaugh's seven seasons at the helm, nabbing a Lombardi Trophy in the 2012 season, to boot. He's also 10-5 all-time in the playoffs.

Harbaugh is one of the most winningest coaches in professional football. With an overall record of 82-45, his winning percentage is 64.6%. Looking just at regular season wins, Harbaugh is 72-40 putting him at number 62 in wins all-time. The record also gives him a 64.3% winning rate, good enough for 28th overall in all of professional football and third in active coaches. At this rate, Harbaugh will have his eye on the Hall of Fame at some point.

Now I need to point out that Pete Carroll from the Seattle Seahawks is number 2 and Bill Belichick is number 1. However, the case can be made for Harbaugh to top those two coaches. With Carroll, you have a coach that has a career winning percentage of only 57.6%. If you look at only his time with the Seahawks, Carroll has a winning percentage of 62.5%, still putting him beneath Harbaugh's record.

For Belichick, you have both spygate and now deflategate to tarnish his legacy. No doubt one of the best coaches in the league, there are question marks or asterisks around his Super Bowl victories. Not to mention that he has been teamed up with quarterback Tom Brady during the most successful stretch of his head coaching career. Before Brady, Belichick had pretty pedestrian numbers as a coach.

While all three of the top coaches have done a wonderful job, I think Harbaugh comes with the fewest question marks surrounding his top record. Under Harbaugh, more coaches have found their way out of Baltimore and into other major jobs. You have Chuck Pagano, Gary Kubiak's return to head coaching, Jim Caldwell's return to head coaching and Teryl Austin being a top candidate at the end of this season after being carried with Caldwell to Detroit.