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Steelers linebacker James Harrison is ready

"Deebo" lifting 405-505 lbs. bench

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

While all of us here at Baltimore Beatdown talk about our hard-working Ravens training for the 2015 season, James Harrison, outside linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers is crushing weights at 405 & 505 lbs to try and annihilate Baltimore twice this season.

In his personal Instagram here, Harrison is often posting his hardcore work ethic, but this post two days ago is worth mentioning. Harrison is at overly ripe age of 37 years old is somehow still churning out bar-bending reps.

It's been years since I've believed Harrison is not human, but instead a half-beast half-football player with a hatred for purple. Mindblowing to believe Harrison retired in 2014 only to come back because the Steelers lost Ryan Shazier and Jarvis Jones. Clearly if he can do this, he was ready for football. Unfortunately for the Ravens, James is still prepping for another NFL season to put more numbers (and wins) for his Steeler Squad.