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Baltimore Ravens Backup QB Matt Schaub a Bottom Tier Backup?

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images has come out with their backup QB rankings, and it is not pretty for  Baltimore Ravens backup QB Matt Schaub. Schaub is ranked 24 out of 32, sandwiched between minimally experienced backups like Austin Davis, Scott Tolzein, Bruce Gradkowski, and Brook Osweiler on one side, and low ceiling vets and rookies like T.J. Yates, Luke McCown, A.J. McCarron, Ryan Nassib, Dan Orlovsky, and Jimmy Clausen on the other.

So while I honestly am not confident in Schaub's ability in the event of a long-term Joe Flacco injury, this ranking seems ridiculous to me. Matt Schaub has put up better stats in 4 games of 1 of his good seasons that any of these QB's have accumulated in their entire careers. If you added up the 9 QB's I just listed who are ranked 20-30 around Schaub, their cumulative statistics would not even approach one of Schaub's better seasons. So one would think that a modicum of respect would be due for a QB who has been there and done that for multiple seasons!

Furthermore, Schaub has the benefit of a offensive coordinator who has been dubbed the 'Quarterback Whisperer,' Marc Trestman. Trestman made career journeyman Josh McCown look solid as a starter in 2013, earning him two separate multi-million dollar paychecks to compete for starting jobs, in Tampa Bay and Cleveland. If anyone can get Schaub back on track, it is Trestman. Yes, he has looked like he has a case of the yips, his arm strength has looked diminished, and he has become a touchdown machine- for the wrong team. But experience has to count for something in this league.

Here is what the author had to say:

I was tempted to drop Schaub to the bottom of the list after his confidence -- and arm -- appeared shot last season in Oakland. The Ravens are in boiling hot water if he plays meaningful snaps, but Marc Trestman has coached up aging vets before.

By no means am I advocating to put Schaub near the top of the list, but Brook Osweiler and his 30 garbage time minutes of experience would inject you with more confidence? Kellen Clemens, with his 170 yards per game and negative touchdown to interception ratio (15:18) in 23 games as a starter? Christian Ponder, Brandon Weeden? Schaub should at least be ahead of this list of retreads, somewhere around average.

My hope is that he should never have to play a snap all season, but in the event Schaub does need to fill in for Joe, I would take him over many of the names on this list. Maybe you agree with me, maybe you don't. But to me, this ranking is downright disrespectful!