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Predicting how former Ravens will perform in 2015 with their new teams

Projecting how ex-Ravens will do in 2015.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens lost a few members of the 2014 squad. Mostly due to not wanting to overpay for players that they could replace for cheap, the Ravens have a history of watching their players get paid by other teams.

We'll look at those players that left Baltimore for 'greener pastures' and predict how well they all end up doing.

Torrey Smith, San Francisco 49ers

Torrey Smith goes from Joe Flacco and one of the top ranked offenses in the NFL to Colin Kaepernick and one of the bottom ranked offenses in the NFL. To make matters worse, Torrey will play against the Legion of Boom, Patrick Peterson, and a solid Rams Secondary. Smith got the contract that he was looking for, but is on a team that has imploded since he signed on the dotted line.

Prediction: Torrey Smith will do worse in 2015 with the San Francisco 49ers.

Pernell McPhee, Chicago Bears

McPhee is a talented pass rusher, but he does not have Terrell Suggs, Elvis Dumervil, and Haloti Ngata to occupy offensive linemen for him. He'll have a harder time matching his numbers in Baltimore on a Chicago defense that has far fewer elite players on defense. Just like a lot of former Ravens' stars, McPhee won't be able to match what he did in Baltimore and will look like a bad signing.

Prediction: Pernell McPhee will do worse in 2015 with the Chicago Bears

Darian Stewart, Denver Broncos

Darian Stewart will be the same guy in Baltimore that he was in Denver: He'll be an OK safety on a very good defense, but he won't be a spectacular playmaker and is likely more of a stop-gap for the Broncos until they can get something better, much like the Ravens did.

Prediction: Stewart isn't any better or worse in 2015 than he was in 2014.

Owen Daniels, Denver Broncos

Owen Daniels isn't the elite athlete that Julius Thomas was, but he should be a reliable option for Peyton Manning in the passing game and a reliable blocker in the run game. If he can stay healthy like he did in 2014 of course. You know what you are getting with Daniels and that is a sure-handed pass catcher that will shuffle his way to a few extra yards after the catch. Manning will likely feel at home with Daniels much like he was with Dallas Clark.

Prediction: Daniels will be the same guy in Denver that he was in Baltimore.

Haloti Ngata, Detroit Lions

Ngata will be on a defense that will allow him to be more aggressive and get more sacks in Detroit. While he might be getting older and will be on a less talented defense than Baltimore, he is an All-Pro for a reason. The bigger question with Ngata is if the Lions can lock him down to a long-term contract or if he'll be hitting the free agent market after this season.

Prediction: Ngata won't be as good as he was in Baltimore, but not by much.