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Stephen Gostkowski's new deal likely raises the price for Justin Tucker

After inking new deal with the Patriots, Gostkowski pushes Justin Tucker's price even higher

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots have attacked the Ravens once again as they have signed their own kicker to the highest contract ever. After franchise tagging Stephen back in March he was expected the 'one year deal' and $4.58 million. But now with both sides coming to an agreement the new numbers are: 4-years, $17.2 million. What I wouldn't give to go back and learn to kick the pigskin.

This is now the highest contract by a kicker ever, meaning that the when Baltimore is signing their golden leg kicker next season Justin Tucker, the pockets will be heavier for JT when the ink dries.

Both players are coming off great seasons as Gostkowski finished up 35-37 and Tucker completed 29 of 34 kicks. Scary thought knowing that this is a down year for Tucker, and all misses were from 50+ yards.

The big news that we are overlooking is the fact Justin Tucker is statistically the most accurate kicker ever in the National Football League. While the sample size is in fact smaller than others, the numbers aren't lying. In NFL history no kicker with 100 or more attempts has been more accurate than JT.

Ranking; Kicker; FGM-FGA; Pct..

  1. Justin Tucker; 93-102; 91.2
  2. Dan Bailey; 110-122; 90.2
  3. Steven Hauschka; 125-144; 86.8
  4. 4. Mike Vanderjagt; 230-266; 86.5
  5. Stephen Gostkowski; 234-271; 86.3

Meaning the fifth best statistical kicker with 100 or more attempts is making $4.3 million a year, I wouldn't doubt the best ever so far will be handed a contract around $4.5 - $4.8 million per year based on the statistical difference.

Worth noting the ages of both players Stephen Gostkowski is 31 years old while Justin Tucker is a young gun at only 25 years. Meaning the Ravens not only want this young kicker, but maybe the deal when it arises will be longer than 4-years, and maybe cheapen the cost from a $4.8 like I said, to $4.5 or even lower if Ozzie & Co. work it over.

I hope one thing is for certain, we cannot undervalue a great kicker. The Ravens franchise undoubtedly knows this.