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The 5 biggest concerns to the 2015 Baltimore Ravens

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens aren't all perfect, despite how much we might want to think so. After taking a look at the top 5 strengths for the 2015 Ravens, we'll diagnose the 5 more troubling issues that the Ravens have for the 2015 season.


We saw what player health did to this team in 2014 as it sabotaged a great chance for the Ravens to return to the Super Bowl. Even with the injuries in the secondary, the Ravens nearly got there if not for a blown lead against the New England Patriots. With everyone starting to come back fully healthy, and with the roster looking even more stacked than last season, it is more important than ever that players keep themselves properly conditioned and healthy this season if they want to reach the promised land.

Joe Flacco

Quarterback Joe Flacco took a major step forward in 2014, but he still had some head scratching moments at times. In order for the Ravens to get back to the Super Bowl, he'll have to make those moments a memory and play more consistently. However, with the addition of Marc Trestman to the coaching staff as the new offensive coordinator, many expect that Flacco will continue to take the steps forward and become a much better overall quarterback. If that happens, the Ravens are in the big game.

Wide receivers

There has been a lot made of the progress that the young wide receivers have made so far during OTAs, but let's not forget that the Ravens went in the 2015 NFL Draft with wide receiver at the top of their list to grab, and they did in fact get one. Outside of Steve Smith Sr. no other wide receiver is really proven on this roster. Everyone shows a ton of promise and potential, but until that potential turns into points and yards, this group is one of the worst in the league still. Much like Flacco, it is expected that the wide receivers take the next step forward and that specifically Kamar Aiken makes a case for being a major playmaker for the Ravens. If they can team up with an improved Flacco, this offense could be a top 5 unit and absolutely beastly.

Marc Trestman

Trestman has been labeled a "quarterback whisperer" by many reporters and analysts and all signs look good that Trestman is keeping the same scheme but adding some new wrinkles since that worked for this team in 2014. Then again, Cam Cameron was also known to be a quarterback guru and we all know how that panned out for him and his career in Baltimore. While Trestman has a great track record in the NFL as a quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator, it has been quite a while since he was in that position (2003 with the Oakland Raiders), and we just don't know what the Ravens will get from him until we see it in action.


Just like the health of the players, the secondary has to perform better than they did in 2014. I certainly think they will if they remain healthy, but we saw what happens to this team down the stretch when the secondary fails them. It simply frustrates the fans and the rest of the defense as it tires out the entire team. A healthy and competent secondary will be the biggest thing that helps this team hoist another trophy.