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Ravens Top 20 #16 Ed Reed Makes History Part 1

Continuing a look at the Ravens top days.

The 2004 Ravens were not a good passing team. Part of that had to do with the fact that Kyle Boller was starting sixteen games, Part of that had to do with the Ravens lacking quality receivers, which wasn't helped by Terrell Owens rejecting the Ravens (although maybe that was for the better in hindsight).

Regardless the Ravens victories came off of the legs of Jamal Lewis, the strength of the defense, and the amazing playmaking ability of Ed Reed. Which brings us to this story.

The Ravens had a hard time going against the Browns in Week Nine of the 2004 season.

The Browns returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown and the Ravens spent most of the game whittling away at the Browns' lead with field goals, before a Jamal Lewis touchdown run and a successful two point conversion to Clarence Moore gave the Ravens a seven point lead with a little over seven minutes to go.

But the Browns had driven down to the Ravens' five yard line with 45 seconds to go and they only needed a touchdown to tie the game.

That touchdown would never come as Ed Reed would intercept Jeff Garcia's pass six yards deep in the Ravens' end zone and took it back all the way for a touchdown to end the game. Ed Reed's 106 yard touchdown would go down as the longest interception return in the history of the NFL. However it would only last for five seasons.