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Want Your Own Ravens Super Bowl Ring?

Chances are, it's not in your monthly budget.

Jostens Inc.

A real-life piece of buried treasure is up for sale.

You see, this Super Bowl ring is no ordinary ring. It was actual buried treasure, lost in the Chesapeake Bay. The ring came to rest there after Ravens' receptionist Toni Lekas, who received the ring from Owner Steve Bisciotti when he presented them to the entire team staff, went home after a yacht party and left the piece of jewelry to her boyfriend, to show to a friend. Whilst docking the yacht, "a rope on the boat knocked the ring off of his finger and into an estuary of the Chesapeake". Per the Baltimore Sun, even an organized search party couldn't find the ring, "Despite the boyfriend diving into the water, searching for several hours and even hiring a scuba diver the next day, the ring couldn't be found." What an unfortunate series of events.

One would assume Lekas' boyfriend was in the "doghouse" here for a little while. Thankfully for her sake (and her boyfriend's), an insurance claim and a request with the NFL to create a replacement ring were both filed and accepted. Lekas received an identical replacement ring, and all was well.

Until the ring 'resurfaced' (literally) again.

A diver found the original ring right where it was a little while later, but was legally obligated to return it to the insurance company, which then sold it to cover their losses, which is how it found its way to the auction block.

Per Goldin Auctions, "This ring, which is the exact ring the Ravens players received, was already a collector’s item well before it was lost in Chesapeake Bay," said Ken Goldin, owner of Goldin Auctions. "Now with the unique story of its retrieval, this Super Bowl ring stands out from all the rest. Not only is this ring part of NFL history, but the frantic search to find it adds to its value."

The jewelry is estimated to sell for more than $30,000, with a starting bid of $7,500. In comparison, Jamal Lewis' ring from the same year sold for over $50,000.

The ring is manufactured by Jostens, and is made of "10-karat white gold, has 243 diamonds, weighs 86.5 grams and has purple amethyst, yellow gold, red enamel and season information engraved inside the band."

Here are some detailed shots of the ring, courtesy of Jostens.

I might just have to apply to be a Ravens janitor, so I can get myself one of these bad boys the next time the team hoists the Lombardi Trophy. (very soon hopefully).