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Better or worse: Ravens Quarterback

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

In the better or worse series, we will take a look at each position group and rate if the Ravens have improved or regressed and explain why. Today's series is on the quarterback position.

2014 Quarterbacks:

Joe Flacco, Tyrod Taylor

Current Quarterbacks:

Joe Flacco, Matt Schaub

The Breakdown:

The Ravens let backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor head for greener pastures with the Buffalo Bills where rumor has it, he is up for the starting spot. In Taylor's place is veteran quarterback Matt Schaub. Most will remember Schaub from his time with the Houston Texans where he frequently took the Texans to the playoffs only to be bumped out by better teams. While many fans think of Schaub as the quarterback that could never get it done for the Texans, looking at his stats, he had quite a few solid years, throwing for over 4,000 yards in 3 of the seasons that he started all 16 games.


This move is a positive one. While we've seen Schaub throw a ton of interceptions so far in OTAs and his last stint with the Raiders and Texans ended rather poorly, Schaub is still a Pro Bowl quarterback. The move to let Tyrod Taylor walk was to get the quarterbacks on the same page, to have Schaub help mentor Joe Flacco on the offense that he spent so much time on and, most importantly, to be a starting quality quarterback if Flacco were to miss any time.

No one is expecting Schaub to carry the team into the playoffs by himself, and Flacco has yet to miss a game. But the front office likely thinks that this is a special roster they have and it would be a dramatic waste if Flacco were to miss a few games due to injury only to have a player that can't properly run your offense try and win games. That is the type of scenario that kills good teams and that the Ravens clearly want to avoid. With Schaub, they get a proven quarterback in the same mold as Flacco, to where they don't have to alter much of their offensive plan to accommodate.

Even though Tyrod Taylor was likely cheaper and Matt Schaub has yet to impress, it was the right move and an upgrade at the quarterback position.