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Ravens are in a good situation with no franchise tag drama

The plights of the Broncos and Cowboys should make Ravens fans happy with management.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven't been following the news, the Broncos and Cowboys have been having some issues with their star receivers.

Dez Bryant is threatening to hold out unless the Cowboys give him a contract with the money and financial security that Dez wants. Demaryius Thomas isn't threatening to hold out, but he is demanding that the Broncos pay him over $12 million per season or he'll find a team that will.

Just in case that wasn't enough drama, both of these teams are being accused of collusion by the NFLPA. They believe that both of those teams have made a deal not to pay their star receivers more than a certain amount of money in order to influence the market, which would be a major no-no if it can be proven.

All of this drama should make Ravens fans happy that the Ravens have Ozzie Newsome as general manager.

There's no drama over players wanting to hold out and there's no threat of investigation by the NFLPA if the team doesn't sign their wide receivers to a cap killing super deal. The Ravens know how to reach deals with their best players without crippling themselves, despite being close to the cap annually. Even though the Ravens still have some players that will be up for free agency next season if they don't sign them immediately, the Ravens have backup plans in addition to working hard at closing the deals. Most recently, the Ravens retained one of the best punters in the league and are paying him very little per season to likely retire a Raven.

The Ravens have also been able to avoid the negative press that has surrounded the franchise over the last few seasons. While players like Ray McDonald, Greg Hardy, Adrian Peterson and others have all found themselves at the mercy of commissioner Roger Goodell and the league's punishment system, the Ravens have just been quietly practicing and stacking days on days.

Ravens fans should be happy about that.