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2000 Baltimore Ravens defense ranks only 4th?

Despite being the best defense of the last near 40 years, the Ravens defense ranks low on Cheat Sheet's top-5 defenses of all time.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

According to Cheat Sheet, the Baltimore Ravens' defense of 2000 is only the 4th best defense in NFL history. Despite leading the league in points allowed and historically being one of the stingiest defenses in football to go along with several Hall of Fame worthy players on the team, they rank the Ravens defense behind "The Purple People Eaters", and the "Steel Curtain".

In the year 2000, the Baltimore Ravens put themselves on the map with a defense that included arguably two of the greatest players of all time at their positions: linebacker Ray Lewis and cornerback Rod Woodson. The team coached by Brian Billick and defensive coordinator Rex Ryan still finished the season with a 12-4 record, even though it had a very poor offense. The Ravens did not allow an offensive TD in Super Bowl XXXV, when they beat the explosive New York Giants, 34-7. Lewis was named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year after recording 3.5 sacks, 137 tackles, and 2 interceptions.

While all of the defenses on the list are worthy of consideration on a top 10 list, the 2000 Ravens defense is by far the best statistical defense of all time. Not allowing a single offensive touchdown in the Super Bowl (not happened ever), and battering quarterbacks all around the NFL. The defense even had 4 goose eggs going for them against teams like the Steelers, Bengals, Browns, and Cowboys. Then when they got into the postseason, the Ravens held all 4 teams they faced (playoffs and SuperBowl) to a combined 23 points! It's the same defense that led Tony Banks and Trent Dilfer to the big game and allowed Dilfer to seal the deal despite kicker Matt Stover being the only offense for a good portion of the season.

The 2000 Ravens defense allowed a paltry 10.3 points per game, 247.9 yards per game and 49 turnovers during the season. No way that the 2000 Ravens' defense isn't at least in the top-2, much less towards the back of the top-5.

Do you think the Ravens defense is ranked to low here or too high?