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Ravens Top 20: #18 - Kyle Boller's Finest Hour

We continue our look at the best moments in Ravens franchise history

In 2005 the Ravens learned something. They learned that Kyle Boller was not a good quarterback. Boller spent 2005 the way he spent the majority of his career: injury-prone and turnover-prone.

But this is not a story of that.

This is a story of a night that is not only among the highlights of Monday Night Football, but of Kyle Boller's existence.

In 2005, the Ravens and Packers met in Week 15 on Monday Night Football. Neither of those teams were as good as they were the year prior. The Ravens were 4-9 and in the unfamiliar position of already being eliminated from playoff contention before the end of the season. The Packers were 3-11 and Brett Favre was playing the "Will-I-Or-Won't-I" game.

But for one magical night the Ravens and Kyle Boller showed off the potential that people saw in them.

Kyle Boller looked poised, completing 19 of 27 passes for 253 yards and three touchdowns. Todd Heap led the team with nine catches for 110 yards and two touchdowns.

Jamal Lewis ran 22 times for 105 yards and one touchdown and Mark Clayton would score on an 11 yard rush.

The Ravens were just as dominant on defense, as they held quarterback Brett Favre to 14 completions for 144 and two interceptions. The Ravens had three sacks and recovered two Packers fumbles. The last sack-fumble was a Chad Williams sack on Aaron Rodgers, which Adalius Thomas would recover and return for a touchdown.

The Ravens did not have a lot of bright spots in 2005, but this was certainly one of them.