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Ravens running back Justin Forsett is a Top 10 RB

A bold statement made by a Ravens' writer and fan, shocking I know. But Justin Forsett truly is a top-10 rusher in the NFL. More specifically, he is the 9th best rusher in the league according to the NFL itself.

Justin Forsett made his first Pro Bowl as a Raven after compiling 1,266 yards and 8 touchdowns. His rushing yards put him at 5th in the league while the 8 touchdowns ties him for 8th in the league in 2014. What really sets Justin Forsett apart is his 5.4 yards per carry average that is tops in the NFL among active running backs.

The only reason I can figure that Forsett isn't ranked higher is because the other rushers on this list have been able to consistently stack seasons with their numbers while Forsett is pretty new to it all. However, as we've covered, Forsett could see himself catching some passes out of the backfield in 2015 under new offensive coordinator Marc Trestman. That new wrinkle will only pad his stats and give him another way to put together some additional from scrimmage yards onto his resume as well as open him up to not seeing as many defensive players at the line of scrimmage to try and shut him down.

Make no argument against it, Forsett is one of the best in the league currently and he might even rise quickly on next year's list.