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Michael Campanaro Donates Cleats to Kids

What a good guy.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

While we haven't seen Michael Campanaro on the field very much, he's surely leaving his footprints off of it.

When the Ravens visited Frederick Douglass High School, which was one of the hardest hit establishments due to violence during the Baltimore riots, it surely left a mark on Michael.

Campanaro, a Maryland-native, came back to see the kids, this time with gifts in tow. 'Camp' presented the school's football team with 80 pairs of new Under Armour cleats. Campanaro's reasoning for his generosity? "These kids have been in the middle of a lot of negativity these past few months," Campanaro said. "After visiting the high school, I talked to a few kids who played ball and just wanted to help out."

This is a great display of maturity for a guy who's only a second-year player. It should also be mentioned that Campanaro is no stranger to giving back to the Maryland community, if there's a Raven community initiative going on, he's probably there. He also held a Marine 'Toys for Tots' Drive last year.

Keep it up Michael. It's nice to see some positive things coming from the NFL when all we typically hear about is the negatives.