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Amidst High Expectations, Flacco Stays Grounded

Man, I love Joe Flacco.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Flacco is being Flacco, and that's great.

MVP? 4000 yards? Lombardi Trophy? These are all accomplishments and accolades being tossed around for Joe Flacco to achieve this season. With the arrival of new Offensive Coordinator Marc Trestman, many think that these are all possible for Flacco, and practically everyone is expecting him to improve statistically this year.

But he isn't too worried about that.

When asked about what he would like to accomplish this season, Flacco's reply was, well, Flacco-like.

Flacco's 2015 Checklist

  • Stay healthy
  • Maintain strong communication with his OC Marc Trestman
  • Work on his footwork
Nope, Flacco isn't guaranteeing that a Lombardi Trophy will be hoisted. He's dedicating this year to self-improvement.

I'd consider two of these goals, accomplished. Flacco has been nothing short of a tank at QB, he's impossible to bring down. The guy has never missed a game in his NFL career. It won't be too hard for him to "stay healthy" this season.

As for Trestman, the duo have already developed a rapport. The two have seemed to be on the same page since the beginning. Flacco is no stranger to working with new coordinators, as Trestman is his fourth in four seasons. Said Flacco, "To me, [a new coordinator is] less of what [the media] probably make of it. I’m very confident in what we do,"

It sure it's great having an easy-going quarterback who meshes with any new coordinators and changes. Flacco just seems happy to play, no matter what.

His last goal, footwork, is also accomplishable. Flacco has been working on this skill set for a while, as former coordinator Gary Kubiak worked with him a lot on it last season. He's looking to pick up right where he left off, this time with Trestman.

"[I’m] just working on my feet constantly," the franchise quarterback said. "Trying to make sure I keep them quick and constantly thinking about it and how it’s going to match up in the passing game [will be important]. When I’m in the shotgun, a lot of that changes, so once again, thinking about how that’s going to match up to getting the ball out on time [is important].

"You’re always learning new ways to protect things up, when to throw hot, so a lot of conceptual things and what’s the best thing to do [is what I need to focus on]. I think the communication between me and Marc is going to help out a lot on that."

- Joe Flacco, via

Keep at it Joe, these simple goals are the stepping stones to greater things. Come December, we could see a revised 'Flacco's Checklist'.

Flacco's December Checklist

Wow. What a checklist for Flacco. However, I have faith in the Ravens' signal caller, if he accomplishes even one of these things, it will be a successful campaign.

Super Bowl or bust. Flacco shall take back the 'Mighty Wings' from Kaepernick right in his own backyard this February.