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ICYMI: Supplemental Draft Edition

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL's Supplemental Draft is completed and that leaves the entire offseason in the rearview mirror. Along with the Supplemental Draft, here are some other things from the recent past that you might have missed this week.

Bisciotti knows how to build an organization

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti is a billionaire for a reason. That same mindset of creating a better business around being a family has led the owner and the city of Baltimore to another championship.

Baltimore Beatdown apparel contest

It's time for you to submit your designs for a chance to win some money and some apparel! One lucky submission will be selected based on the community votes to become the very next Baltimore Beatdown shirt.

The best/worst busts in Ravens history

The Ravens don't miss the mark often, but when it happens, it can be nasty. We ranked the top 5 biggest busts in the 20 years the Ravens have been around.

Quarterback Joe Flacco breaks records and brings home a trophy

According to SB Nation, 2015 is the year that Flacco breaks a bunch of single season records on his way to another Lombardi Trophy and becomes #elite

It's fair to stomp your opponent

Running up the score used to be poor sportsmanship, but in today's NFL, it can get you hired.

Not every Ravens fan is from Baltimore

And that is okay. Even some of the site's writers don't call BMore home. We look at how we all became fans despite not living in Maryland and ask you to do the same.