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Quarterback Joe Flacco's touchdown passes

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to Reddit user 'wafflehauss' for putting together 50 of Joe Flacco's touchdown passes in video form. Everything from 25 yards plus, is sitting here.

Some of the favorites is the 62 yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Derrick Mason in 2009 against Detroit. Mason had a serious shoulder injury, took the hit on both sides and just ran down the field. You can't forget Torrey Smith's first NFL reception against St Louis. Last year was Flacco's longest touchdown throw to Steve Smith. Smith caught an 80 yard touchdown, but made sure to stiff arm poor Adam Jones down to the ground on his way into the endzone.

What is amazing is to realize that while Flacco has a cannon for an arm and is one of the biggest arms in football, a majority of his throws here come below 50 yards. Out of 50 touchdown passes, 37 of them are shorter than 50 yards. When you realize that Flacco has 148 total touchdowns and that this list is only from 25+ yards, it means that Flacco has thrown a wide majority of his touchdowns from below 25 yards. I'm pretty sure that most Ravens fans would assume that Flacco has more touchdown throws from longer than 25 yards than from inside that mark.

So watch out other NFL teams, Flacco will beat you every which way.