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The Baltimore Ravens have the best home-field advantage

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Time magazine took a look at the last 10 years for each team's home and away winning percentages. The difference between the two marks the Baltimore Ravens as the team with the best home-field advantage.

The Ravens have won 78% of their home games over the last 10 years while only winning 43% of their road games. Time magazine even points out that the Ravens lost ever road game in 2005 while winning every home game in 2011.

Ravens fans know quite well that the Ravens are a home favorite team. When playing in M&T Bank Stadium, the Ravens are able to put on a certain charm and best opponents. Part of that goes to the crowd noise, with M&T Bank Stadium regularly rocking during home games. The extra noise certainly helps the team play with fewer penalties while their opponents are usually struggling to hear. If you doubt that Baltimore has a rather... raucous crowd

That's the loudest manure chant I've ever heard

Behind the Ravens are the Seahawks, but by a large margin. They are grouped right around the Arizona Cardinals and the Minnesota Vikings. The worst home team is surprising the Cowboys. You'd figure that giant stadium creatively nicknamed "Jerry World" would be ranked higher, but then again, Ravens fans will remember how the Ravens helped the Cowboys end their last stadium.

Time even ranked other sports to see who is the best and the Raven take that by a wide margin. The next team from another sport is the Utah Jazz. So there you have it... end of discussion. The Ravens are the best home team in all of sports!