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Could the Ravens be interested in LT Isaiah Battle in the Supplemental Draft?

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The Ravens have taken a risk before with the Supplemental Draft by selecting left tackle Jared Gaither in 2007 with a fifth round pick. Could the Ravens try again with another left tackle that has some baggage? We'll get a chance to see on July 9th when the NFL's Supplemental Draft begins.

Isaiah Battle has the talent to be the next Supplemental Draft pick since Josh Gordon was selected in 2012 by the Cleveland Browns. Battle comes with some baggage, most notably being cited for possession of marijuana during a traffic stop and this lovely little incident...

However, in the NFL, talent tends to overshadow these incidents and Battle is no exception. Widely figured to be a first-round selection if he would enter the 2016 NFL Draft, Battle is entering early due to being a new father shortly.

I have some family matters to address, with a child due this summer, and I feel it is in my best interest to enter the NFL Supplemental Draft. I want to thank everyone at Clemson, especially Coach (Dabo) Swinneyand the assistant coaches, for what they have done for me the last three years. I also want to thank my teammates. They have all had a big impact on my career.

Right now, Battle is expected to be a third round selection in the Supplemental Draft. A spot where the Ravens might be interested despite his off-field actions. With left tackle Eugene Monroe spending the last few seasons injured, the Ravens might want to get a left tackle for dirt cheap and see if he can beat out the veteran for the starting spot by next season.

The Ravens clearly think that Eugene Monroe can help the offensive line as a unit, but with a cap hit of $7.7 million in 2015 and a cap hit of $8.7 in 2016, the Ravens could decide to see if there are any suitors for Monroe's talents elsewhere via trade. It would ultimately save the team money in 2016 ($2.1 million) and if Battle is the type of player that many expect him to be, they would have a starting quality left tackle for a few years.

At 6-foot-7 and 290-pounds, Battle is a big boy. Leo Duke of InThinAir does a little work-up on Battle by watching him against Georgia. In the Georgia tape, Battle gets to go up against Leonard Floyd, an expected first-round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Duke ultimately comes up with the conclusion that another year in college would have Battle as a first-round pick but that currently, he is a little raw and would be more of an expected second-round pick. However, a third-round selection or later could be worthy for a guy that could sit behind Monroe for a year or even two and learn from offensive line coach Juan Castillo to ramp up to that first-round status that Battle has in him. Clearly work ethic seems to be an issue for Battle as he is noted to fade down the stretch and can sometimes take plays off. He'll need to fix that in the pros, but I feel that the veteran players and coaching staff of the Ravens could sort Battle out quickly.