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Terrell Suggs to represent Ravens in AFC-NFC Family Feud Celebrity match

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Ball So Hard University's Terrell Suggs will put his team on his back come June 21.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Ball So Hard University's Terrell Suggs will represent the Baltimore Ravens and match wits alongside four other AFC players in a celebrity version of "Family Feud" on June 21.

Hosted by comedian Steve Harvey, viewers should expect to laugh the entire duration of the show. Take a look at the matchup:

Team AFC

-        Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs
-        Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown -- Play them Week 4 and Week 16
-        Jets center Nick Mangold
-        Chargers tight end Antonio Gates -- Play them Week 8
-        Broncos defensive end DeMarcus Ware -- Play them Week 1

Team NFC

-        49ers tight end Vernon Davis -- Play them Week 6
-        Packers running back Eddie Lacy
-        Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell -- Play them Week 7
-        Bears running back Matt Forte -- Wonder if Suggs asks Forte how terribly he misses Marc Trestman?
-        Panthers outside linebacker Thomas Davis -- Wonder if Steve Smith Sr. has a message for his former teammate?

It'll be interesting to see how The Feud unfolds with Steelers receiver Antonio Brown playing on the same team as Suggs. Also notice, if you've not already, that the Ravens also face five of the nine participants this upcoming 2015 season.

For now you could safely bet that Suggs, who registered a 3.2 GPA at Arizona State University, correctly matches more blanks than his peers. #SetTheToneEarly