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Ravens Preseason Game Will Be Nationally Televised

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The Ravens added another nationally televised game to their schedule.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

It's nice to see the Ravens attract some of the attention they deserve.

Yesterday, the NFL announced that the Ravens' Week 2 preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles will be nationally televised on NFL Network. Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 22nd, as the Ravens will take on the Eagles in Philadelphia at 7 PM EST. For those of you who are Baltimore locals, the game will still be broadcast on WBAL in Baltimore and WJLA in Washington, D.C.

This matchup will create a lot of buzz, as the Ravens and Eagles will practice for three days together leading up to their Week 2 preseason meeting. Philadelphia is also very buzzworthy in the NFL community, with Head Coach Chip Kelly's unique offense attracting much attention, as well as media darling Tim Tebow, who the team signed recently.

This is now the Ravens sixth scheduled primetime game on their schedule for the upcoming season:

  • (Preseason) Week 2, Aug. 22: at Philadelphia Eagles
  • Week 4, Oct 1: at Pittsburgh Steelers (Thursday Night Football)
  • Week 7, Oct. 26: at Arizona Cardinals (Monday Night Football)
  • Week 12, Nov. 30: at Cleveland Browns (Monday Night Football)
  • Week 14, Dec. 13: vs. Seattle Seahawks (Sunday Night Football)
  • Week 16, Dec. 27: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (Sunday Night Football)
Thankfully, primetime games don't hinder the Ravens too much, as Ravens Team Staff Writer Garrett Downing notes, the Ravens are 17-8 in primetime games since Head Coach John Harbaugh arrived in 2008.

Here's to hoping that our preseason game and practices with the Eagles benefit both teams. Hopefully, the Ravens will leave the league in awe after a great primetime performance, where they have the chance to leave an impression on many who normally wouldn't watch the Ravens.