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Patriots sign former Raven Derek Cox

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The New England Patriots sign a former Raven in cornerback Derek Cox

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots might have one of the weakest cornerback groups in the NFL right now. After winning a Super Bowl, the Patriots went after some high profile guys, only to miss on every one. Then in a bizarre turn of events, they kept cutting members of their already weak secondary. One of those players was Kyle Arrington, who the Ravens took immediate interest in and signed quickly.

Now the Patriots apparently want to take a former Raven. Except, the former Raven wasnt all that good.

Derek Cox was only a member of the Ravens for a short time before being released. Signing a deal with the Ravens on August 27th, Cox was cut only three days later and went on to not be signed by another team last season. Despite the numerous injuries to the Ravens secondary, the Ravens never called Cox back and showed no interest in him this offseason.

It certainly makes a weird offseason for the Patriots even weirder. With Cox being a journeyman player despite being drafted in the third round of the 2009 NFL Draft, Cox finds himself on his fifth team in his six year career. Originally drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cox's career was bright until injury and inconsistent play derailed him. It looks like the Patriots are hoping that Cox can return to his early career form and play an integral part to their defense.