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Marc Trestman presser highlights

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens' new offensive coordinator Marc Trestman is still getting used to his weapons and players here in Baltimore after being the head coach for the Chicago Bears. As OTAS begin to wrap up, the Ravens made Trestman available to the media after practice.

Draft picks same as their tape

Marc Trestman was asked what he thought about first round pick Breshad Perriman. Trestman commented that he knew what he was getting.

"What we saw on tape is what we're getting"

That is impressive given that Perriman showed big size and speed during his college career. Perriman wasnt the only guy that Trestman said was the same as they saw on the tape. Maxx Williams was a big play type player in college.

"What we saw on tape is a guy that is in the right place, do the right things and make a play when he has the opportunity"

Veterans playing an important role

An important part of OTAs is that it is all voluntary. For some teams, that severely limits the number of players that show up. Not the Ravens though and Trestman pointed out how important it is.

That always helps to have the guys here and that has certainly helped us. The guys that are here, want to be here. The guys that aren't, have their reasons and it isn't being held against them.

Trestman showed that he was a head coach previously. A little vague at times and a little unwilling to give a reporter a headline, Trestman kept his excitement close to his chest.