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Early in Offseason Young Players Stepping Up

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OTA's are often a positive time, but for the Ravens, the Super Bowl feels within reach.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

It's like John Harbaugh gave an Al Pacino-like speech, following the New England loss. Young players have responded to the challenge and it seems every one of them has come out focused on being better, not only for themselves, but as a team.

Lorenzo Taliaferro is down 8 pounds of fat and looks absolutely shredded.'s Ryan Mink mentioned him with his very first observation, indicating Taliaferro's change was the most drastic. With the selection of Buck Allen, many felt like he would easily take over the number two running back duties, with Jamison Hensley even predicting him stealing carries from Justin Forsett.

With this news however, it seems like Taliaferro is poised to keep the backup job, or at the very least make it a hard fought and healthy competition. In the worst case scenario,  the Ravens will feature a 3 headed monster similar to 2008.

Timmy Jernigan understands what is at stake. I admit to being skeptical. Dating back to his Florida State days, Jernigan has had trouble with his stamina. Instead of siting on his rookie success, and assuming the coming season would offer more of the same, Jernigan went to work. His training sessions with Darnell Dockett prompted the 49er to post about on his instagram account.

Ravens fans y'all will thank me in 3 months cuz he will be in the best shape of his life and he’s already a Dawg

One cannot help but be giddy.

Arthur Brown has not been a feature, after being thought of originally as Ray Lewis' replacement. His failures have not deterred him. Reportedly being up to 242 pounds, Brown now has the classic inside linebacker weight. for a player who has not seen the field, that kind of commitment will go a long way the coaching staff. Daryl Smith will not be around forever. With C.J" Mosley now being able to make the defensive calls, substituting Smith for Brown in passing situations could be in the cards, as Smith took a noticeable step back in the athleticism department.

It is still early. But gains like these cannot be dismissed as smoke and mirrors. We impatiently see if they translate to the field, and they most likely will.