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Maxx Williams has No Nickname?

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Madd Maxx. Super Maxx. Maximus. Double X.

All nicknames Ravens fans have though of for the recent draftee. But what does he like?

In a recent interview from OTA's which is posted on, Maxx was asked about potential nicknames.

His response was surprising for someone whose name seemingly is very easily made into a nickname:

Y'know, my whole life I've never had a nickname, they just treat(?) the Maxx with 2 X's, they kinda like "its unique enough." I guess whatever they start calling me, I'll roll with it.

He was also asked what the reasoning behind the 2 X's is?

My name is not Maxwell, Maxie or anything like that. Its just Maxx. So my parents, they kinda put that second X on it just to close it up.

Another interesting tidbit is that he is a fist pumper- he likes to pump his fists when he scores touchdowns.