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Chris Canty continues to miss practice

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Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

As some of you have commented, veteran Chris Canty continues to miss OTAs, which is something that Canty cannot afford to do given his release earlier in the offseason.

While Canty has found himself at a broadcasting event over the last few weeks, his eventual replacements have been taking his snaps. The Ravens are stacked at defensive end with Brent Urban, Timmy Jernigan, Steven Means, DeAngelo Tyson, Kapron Lewis-Moore and Lawrence Guy. That abundance  of talent means that someone like Chris Canty can't afford to not be at practice and not be a bubble player moving into training camp.

Canty was released earlier in the offseason only to be resigned in March on a two-year $4.65 million deal. With such a low cap figure, Canty is not a lock to make the final 53 man roster despite his veteran presence. The Ravens originally cut him due to his salary, but likely brought him back at a lower cost to help mentor the young talent behind him. If enough of them outplay him from the start, the Ravens would have an easy decision to make on a deep defensive line group rather than waiving a member of the secondary or a wide receiver instead.

There is no doubt that Canty is at the end of his career and is beginning to transition to life after football, but if he wants to have a productive final year, he should be spending time in a jersey sweating it out in the sun.