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How injuries at wide receiver give others a chance to shine

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While wide receiver Aldrick Robinson should be back on the field in time for training camp, it does allow some of the other receivers to shine a little more.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens lost yet another wide receiver to injury this week in Aldrick Robinson. While it is just an MCL sprain and he should be back on the field in time for training camp, it does allow some of the other receivers to shine a little more. With additional reps with the first team, we've seen Marlon Brown and Kamar Aiken come up big during OTAs already.

With a seemingly stacked roster at the wide receiver position, the younger receivers will need all the time they can get to make a serious case for staying on the final 53-man roster and maybe even stealing some meaningful snaps away from the veterans. It is not known how many receivers the Ravens will keep on the final roster, but with 11 guys currently on the 90 man roster, it is a definite that the Ravens will need to cut at least 4 of them.

11 - Kamar Aiken
12 - Darren Waller
13 - Aldrick Robinson
14 - Marlon Brown
15 - Michael Campanaro
16 - DeAndre Carter
17 - Jeremy Butler
18 - Breshad Perriman
81 - Cam Worthy
83 - Daniel Brown
89 - Steve Smith

We can pretty much count Daniel Brown out from this list because it is seriously not expected that he beats anyone out. Weirder things have happened of course, but for the purposes of this practice, he is gone. That leaves 3 other guys that need to get cut. With Steve Smith and Breshad Perriman a lock to make the team, that leaves 8 guys fighting for only 5 maximum spots.

What that ultimately means is that every snap the receivers are on the field, they need to show why they deserve those few coveted spots. Kamar Aiken, Jeremy Butler and Darren Waller all looked good during Wednesday's open media OTA session. All of them played with speed, running crisp routes and catching the ball cleanly. That type of consistent play from those guys during OTAs has Aiken running with the first-team offense opposite Steve Smith and both Butler and Waller on the inside track to make the team.

DeAndre Carter has been given praise by none other than Steve Smith himself. Saying that he sees some of Randall Cobb in him is pretty glowing praise for the young receiver and he has played well during OTAs, but he did drop a pass in Wednesday's practice and had it noted as one of the few drops all day long.

With both Robinson and Campanaro out until training camp, it gives the other receivers a bigger chance to separate themselves in the minds of coaches. We've already covered that injuries can derail a career, which might have Michael Campanaro on the bubble this offseason, but at the very least it doesn't help out when other guys are shining and getting back to being in football shape quicker.

With one of the best rosters the Ravens have ever had, it is scary to think that a non-padded practice could be the difference from being a Ravens' star to being unemployed. Yet it looks like that might be the case this season.