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Ravens Fantasy Football Tidbits: Running Back

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Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

This is the second in my series of fantasy football tidbits. I will go through the Ravens roster position by position, giving my opinion on who I believe will be a good addition to your fantasy team.

We started the series with Quarterback. Next up: Running Back.

Running Back

Justin Forsett

Justin Forsett is a top 40 overall player in most formats, and a top 18 running back. Depending on your expectations for him this season would depend on whether you feel that is a good value or not. He does not have strong competition on the roster or durability issues, so those are pluses. Some believe last season to be a fluke for him, driving his draft price lower, but I am not among them. I believe there is a good chance he exceeds his 2014 numbers. He finished 2014 as the #7 running back, and a top 30 player overall in most formats, so I think he is a bit undervalued. The only concern for me is that opponents will concentrate on stopping the run against the Ravens, possibly suppressing his numbers. But I believe that Flacco will make them pay for attempting that, and ultimately the run game will be successful.

Javorius 'Buck' Allen & Lorenzo Taliaferro

There are those on the internet who are in love with Allen. And while he may have major upside in the long term, I do not see much value in him for the 2015 season, barring a Forsett injury. Taliaferro is his main competition. and has looked great in OTA's thus-far. Neither has the backup RB job locked up, so you cannot even know who to use as a handcuff for Forsett if you are into that type of thing.

Kyle Juszczyk

I do not believe 'Juice' will ever be a fantasy factor no matter how long he plays.