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Who Will Catch The Most Touchdown Passes In 2015?

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The Ravens have a wealth of talent in the pass catching department, who will catch the most touchdowns?

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Smith Sr.

He's still furious and he still has the trust of Joe Flacco. Steve was Joe's favorite target in 2014, hauling in six touchdowns over 79 receptions, and another year with Joe should have the two on the exact same page. That growing connection could result in Steve scoring more touchdowns this year.

Dennis Pitta

If healthy (and that's a fairly large if), Pitta would still have the trust of Joe Flacco, and would still be a huge target for him in the redzone. Pitta was Joe's favorite target in the redzone in 2012, especially during the playoffs. The last year that Pitta was completely healthy, he earned seven touchdowns over 61 receptions. With Flacco a better quarterback and in a more pass-happy offensive scheme, Pitta could see even more targets and even more scoring opportunities.

Breshad Perriman

Perriman is replacing Torrey Smith, who led the team in receiving touchdowns in three out of his four seasons here. Torrey Smith scored a team record seven touchdowns during his rookie season and Perriman has all the physical skills to surpass that. Perriman averaged over 19 yards per catch in college, so there's definitely potential for him to be a lethal target for Joes deep bombs with other receivers like Steve Smith opening up the field and giving Perriman single coverage.

Marlon Brown

Brown is a useful weapon in the redzone, as all seven of his touchdowns that he scored in 2013 were inside the 20 and Marc Trestman is known to use taller wide receivers frequently. Marlon could end up being a scoring machine once again if Marc Trestman decides to utilize him more and if he can beat out his competition for more meaningful snaps.

Crockett Gillmore

Gillmore is younger and healthier than Pitta, and he's more experienced than Maxx Williams. Gillmore could end up being Joe's go-to tight end while Williams is still learning the game. Gillmore's frame and physicality make him a perfect weapon in the redzone and he has been looking more impressive as a receiver in camp.

Darren Waller

Waller's speed, size, and hands could make him an unstoppable weapon in the redzone if Marc Trestman decides to use him. In college he scored six touchdowns off of 26 receptions, one every 4.3 receptions. Waller will need to step up his game as a rookie in order to see the field, but he could be a major player for the Ravens if he can string together a good camp and preseason.

Maxx Williams

Williams has the athleticism and body type to be a huge mismatch in the passing game. If he earns the starting job over Crockett Gillmore from day one, he should score plenty of touchdowns. In college, Maxx Williams led the Gophers in receiving touchdowns with eight and he was one of the most productive tight ends in all of college football. With the Ravens loving their tight ends, Williams will have every opportunity to be productive as a scorer.