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Does Wes Welker deserve a look from the Ravens?

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Better yet, should they?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Can the Ravens offense find a place for Wes Welker? Better yet, should they?

The good news is that doctors said everything looked good on cognitive tests taken to evaluate the impact of the three concussions Welker suffered since 2013.

The 12-year pro has vocalized his interests in playing this upcoming season – but even so – no team has rushed to cast their fishing lines into the waters where the vet swims. The Patriots would appear the likeliest of all squads to scoop Welker up … should the Ravens make a grab for their rods?

The world knows that the Ravens desperately need a reliable punt returner. Who will emerge from the deep end? Welker has experience in that department. Oh, and he’s caught passes from two of the greatest quarterbacks, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, and could contribute to the success of another clutch quarterback in Flacco. Quite a resume.

Unfortunately for second-year Michael Campanaro, his future as a Raven is a dimming lightbulb. Steve Smith Sr. could field punts and call for fair-catches, sure. The old-timer humbly raved about Ravens rookie DeAndre Carter who, like Welker, is a diminutive wideout, shifty, and makes cuts on a dime. Breshad Perriman, Carter, Marlon Brown and Darren Waller could learn from two legendary route runners.

Welker’s been around the NFL block and his experience could come in handy on Trestman’s offense. If the Ravens have their sights on winning another championship, they should take a look at Welker. They won’t regret it.