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Terrell Suggs helps AFC take down NFC in 'Celebrity Family Feud'

Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs, a terrifying beast on a football field, feasted on fellow NFC players on Celebrity Family Feud Sunday night.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Terrell Suggs helped his AFC peers win a Celebrity Family Feud title on ABC Family Sunday night. Suggs' charisma coupled with his unforced humor could someday, and seamlessly, replace Steve Harvey, if or when the iconic host retires. All I'm saying is that the budding filmmaker has another career option to consider if the movie industry respectfully declines him.

The linebacker clearly treated -- or mistreated depending on who you cheer for -- the buzzer like Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Had only the cameraman zoomed in on fellow AFC North cohort Antonio Brown's face when Suggs slammed the button on the joystick to answer.

I'm sure Brown swung by Big Ben's house later that evening, tears streaming down his eyes. The news was hard to break, but after a cup of Earl Grey tea and a pint of Talenti pistachio gelato ice cream, the wideout mustered up the courage to say that he doesn't want to run routes on Suggs' side this year.

Suggs, half-beast, half-man, is on a mission to topple his personal best, 14 sacks he registered in 2011.

Vernon Davis didn't get a chance to catch his breath after Harvey asked the question, "something a man might name after himself."

Suggs' showcased his acute brainpower while Davis froze -- like he will in Week 6 -- and supplied the nation's top response: son or daughter, which then he was rewarded 61 points.

At the end of the day, the Ravens will face most of the game show's participants later in 2015 and Suggs got the job done by instilling tremendous amounts of fear in them.