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Brandon Williams is the Most Underrated Player On the Ravens

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Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Prisco tabulated each team's most underrated player. It will come as no surprise to Ravens fans that defensive lineman Brandon Williams is the guy for Prisco.

Still playing on his rookie deal, Williams comes cheap for the Ravens. While on one of the best defensive lines in football, Williams has had the opportunity to showcase his skills. With Williams holding down the middle of the line last year, the Ravens were a run stuffing machine.

Williams has even been able to get a lot of penetration during OTAS and looks like he should also be able to pressure the quarterback. Entering his third year in the NFL, he will be looking to make a major impact in order to draw interest and a larger contract. Accumulating sacks is about the most sure-fire way to get a big payday.

After playing out his rookie contract and truly being an underrated player, he deserves it.