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Ravens Projected Top 5 in Running Back Targets under Trestman

Cliff McBride/Getty Images
With much speculation this off-season on how the Ravens offense will look under new Offensive Coordinator Marc Trestman, one common theme has been the increase in running back targets and receptions. In 2014 under Gary Kubiak, the Ravens slotted in at about league average in running back targets, 15th. But the expectation is that number will rise in 2015 under Trestman.
Trestman comes from a Bears team where running back Matt Forte has averaged 112.5 targets and 88 receptions for the past 2 years, a large jump from his 5 year pre-Trestman averages of 70.8 targets and 53.4 receptions. This bodes well for Ravens running back Justin Forsett, who is solid in the passing game. The Ravens also drafted a running back in the 4th round, Javorious Allen, who is known for his prowess in both the receiving game and pass blocking, which bodes well for him to cut into Forsett's snaps on clear passing downs. So the Ravens being projected top 5 in running back targets is not a surprise

To be sure, Trestman's inclination toward the pass should portend increases in all pass catchers numbers, as tight end Martellus Bennett also enjoyed 2 career years under him, and both starting wide receivers had great years. Joe Flacco will likely be the biggest beneficiary of the pass happy mentality, easily eclipsing the 'magic' numbers of 4000 yards and 30 touchdowns.
The narrative is that the former Bears Head Coach will not change the offensive scheme, and I believe that they will not change the offensive line blocking scheme, and will keep much of the formations and plays. But the biggest difference under Trestman will be the playcalling, as Trestman was in the top 13 in passing attempts 9 of his 10 seasons as Head Coach or Offensive Coordinator, and never lower than 16th, and never higher than 15th in rushing attempts. This team will likely run the ball more than your average Trestman team, due to the prowess of the studly offensive line, and the ability of John Harbaugh to mitigate Trestman's pass happy ways. But the overall effect will still be more passing, and since Trestman likes to involve his running backs heavily in the pass game, that will result in an uptick for Forsett and co. in the passing game.