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Bengals Aren't Thrilled with Terrelle Pryor

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The former Bengals QB (now WR) has ruffled some feathers in Cincinnati.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Former Raiders-Seahawks-Chiefs-Bengals-and now Browns QB WR Terrelle Pryor has been in NFL news a lot lately, and not for the right reasons.

The next NFL scandal could be brewing in Cincinnati, and I'm proposing we call it 'Spygate II' .

Actually, not really.

As our sister blog the 'Cincy Jungle' reported, Pryor is in hot water for posting videos to Twitter of practice videos from the Bengals closed sessions during their offseason training program.

As you can see, Pryor tweeted out videos of a closed Bengals practice. This is tape that the team obviously didn't want getting out to the general public. These tweets were sent out four days after Pryor's release from the Bengals, they were intended to be self promotion for his position change to WR, yet the tapes show him playing QB. This is rather puzzling.

"I haven't been around another player who has done that," "By no means did we think a player would do something like that." - Bengals 'team source' to

That same source said "If I'm [another team], I have to think hard about signing him or else he might give out valuable information of theirs, too." Even more interesting, the AFC North divisional rival Cleveland Browns picked up Pryor shortly after this happened.

While the Browns likely didn't pick up Pryor exclusively for inter-divisional secrets, it could be an added bonus for them. Best of luck to Pryor and his new quest of being a NFL wide receiver.