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Bengals sign former Raven QB Keith Wenning

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The cutting of quarterback Terrell Pryor opens up a spot for a former Raven in quarterback Keith Wenning with the Bengals.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

We told you before that the Bengals cut former quarterback Terrell Pryor before he switched over to wide receiver for the Browns. That leaves the Bengals with a little hole in their backup quarterback plans. Cut to Keith Wenning, the former Ravens 6th round draft pick last season.

Wenning was waived this offseason after just not being able to beat out undrafted players as a camp arm. While the Ravens have Joe Flacco and Matt Schaub as their main guys, they also have more than enough camp arms to round out a squad and test the other positions out.

The Bengals pick up Wenning after cutting Pryor, who then released footage of their offensive formations all over Twitter. Wenning will be competing for a backup spot of his own, much like he did here in Baltimore. Right now the Bengals have their starter in Andy Dalton and their presumed backup in second year player AJ McCarron. Behind those two is a mix of veteran and young players that will all likely be cut in order to trim down to the final 53-man roster by the end of training camp.

This isnt an unlikely move for the Bengals and Wenning. The Bengals need camp arms and they didnt feel that Pryor offered much value on that front. Wenning comes cheap and he comes with some of what the Ravens are going to want to do this season on offense, which is always good for a division rival. For Wenning, he will likely change hands a few more times and is really looking to put together some tape for another team where he might be able to be the main backup.

Sadly, for most 6th round picks, the ceiling is pretty low. It is even worse for quarterbacks as teams usually want to have someone that knows their scheme or has had meaningful snaps under their belts to be a primary backup. Hopefully for Wenning, he can make it into Bengals training camp and put together a solid tape where he'll get a spot as a primary backup for another team that could use the cheap depth.