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Steelers to honor Jerome Bettis week 4 against Ravens

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Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

You might remember that last year, the Pittsburgh Steelers honored "Mean" Joe Greene last year during a Ravens game. It inspired the Steelers to a 43-23 win over the Ravens after quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw six touchdowns and earned the AFC Offensive Player of the Week honors. The Steelers eventually faced off against the Ravens in the playoffs only to be spanked when it really mattered, 30-17 at Heinz Field.

Well this year, the Steelers must be scared of the Ravens yet again because they are planning on honoring running back Jerome Bettis with a special ring ceremony in week 4. The game is hosted in Pittsburgh and is a Thursday Night Football event that will see Bettis getting a "special ring" at halftime.

Neal Coolong pointed out that no Steelers rusher has been able to hit 100 yards against the Ravens since Bettis. However, as a Steelers fan, he hopes that it "inspires" Le'Veon Bell to do it. Jerome Bettis is being enshrined in the NFL's Hall of Fame this August, after which the Steelers will face off against the Minnesota Vikings for the Hall of Fame Game.

Based on the way the Steelers are throwing out honors and jewelry to every player each year against the Ravens, I'm sure they will find a way to put their Mascot, Steely McBeam into the Ring of Honor against the Ravens.