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Jimmy Smith The Most Important Non-QB Player

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Louis Riddick of ESPN calls Jimmy Smith the most important Non-QB on a Super Bowl Contender...

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that the loss of Jimmy Smith was a big one for the Ravens. The Ravens went from allowing seven passing touchdowns in seven games with him on the field, to allowing six in the next two games after his injury.

Needless to say, Jimmy's return will shore up the secondary and help the Ravens field an elite defense.

Louis Riddick tweeted out that the most important non-QB on a contender coming back from injury is Jimmy Smith.

And that's understandable. A healthy Jimmy Smith would've made a difference against the Bengals in Week Eight, the Steelers in Week Nine and the Chargers. Had the Ravens won those those games, they would have been 13-3 and had the #1 seed in the AFC.

But even if the Ravens went 10-6 and entered the playoffs as a wild card this season, Jimmy Smith still would have been the difference in getting the Ravens to the Super Bowl.

Jimmy Smith would not have been beaten by Brandon LaFell the way Rashaan Melvin was in the AFC Divisional Round. With Jimmy Smith on the field, the Ravens win the AFC Divisional Game and go on to the AFC Championship. And I think that the Ravens, who were able come within four points of beating the Patriots without him, could beat a Colts team that lost to them by 38 points.

Jimmy Smith already played a part in winning the Ravens one Super Bowl. This year he should do it again.