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2015 Ravens Depth Chart: Specialists

We finish our look at the 2015 Ravens with a look at the special teamers.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The Players:

Justin Tucker, Sam Koch, Morgan Cox, Patrick Scales, Justin Manton


Justin Tucker, Sam Koch

They're the best trio in the league with the best name, "The Wolfpack". Justin Tucker is the league's most accurate kicker, Sam Koch had a resurgent year in 2014. They're guarantees for 2015 at the very least.


Morgan Cox

Morgan Cox is a dependable long snapper when healthy. Patrick Scales came in for him in 2014 when Cox went down with an injury and played well. It's not like Cox is seeing a ton of money, so it makes little sense to upset the balance by waiving Cox and keeping Scales, unless Cox's previous injury hurts his performance in training camp.


Patrick Scales

As mentioned, Scales doesn't mark a significant decrease in salary cap space from Morgan Cox. With Cox having been here longer and growing as a player with Justin Tucker and Sam Koch, it is unlikely that the Ravens would want to upset the balance by keeping Scales over Cox. Then again, if Cox isn't completely healthy, Scales could find a way to make the team.

Justin Manton

As I said, Justin Tucker is the league's most accurate kicker and Sam Koch was resurgent in 2014. As a kicker and punter combination, Manton won't be pushing Tucker out of a job anytime soon, but might be a tactic to get Tucker to sign a little quicker. The Ravens might be using Manton to see if he can outperform Koch, but that is unlikely as Koch has been one of the best punters in the league.