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How will Lardarius Webb fare in 2015?

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Lardarius Webb is trying to recover from a poor 2014. Will he?

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Lardarius Webb is not going to play like he did in 2011. That was five seasons, one ACL tear, and one back injury ago.

But he can still be a good corner in this league and he'll have to be if he wants to remain a Raven. Webb took a paycut this offseason with the faith that he would stay a Raven in 2015. However that paycut also frees the Ravens from having to keep Lardarius Webb around after this season. The Ravens will only have $6 million in dead money if they release Lardarius Webb after 2015 versus the $9.5 million he will cost the Ravens to have him on the roster. Having an experienced cornerback like Kyle Arrington in the slot and having a promising corner in Rashaan Melvin would minimize the loss of Webb if he had to be cut.

Personally, Lardarius is the corner that worries me the most. He's suffered two ACL tears and a back injury in his career and he's going to turn 30 in October. I don't think that Webb is going to be the Pro Bowl caliber corner that he was when he was young, I don't even think he'll be the Lardarius Webb of 2013. At most I think that Lardarius Webb is going to be a middle of the pack corner.

In 2014 Webb allowed opposing quarterbacks to complete 44 of 66 passes for 590 yards, two touchdowns. Quarterbacks had a 109.6 QB rating when throwing his way. He was the 76th rated cornerback by Pro Football Focus. Even though he was battling a back injury for most of the year, his size means that he has to keep his wheels at top speed in order to match up well against some of the better wide receivers in the league in the AFC North. Any rust or injury could see him perform even worse in 2015 than he did in 2014, which would help seal his fate with the Ravens.

I'd love to be wrong, but Webb has gotten more than a fair share of wear and tear in his career.