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Now Wide Receiver Terrelle Pryor Claimed by Browns

Recently cut from Cincy Terrell tries at Cleveland

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Terrell Pryor is not be a quarterback any more after bouncing around a few teams during his short career. Now he is trying his luck at wide receiver, something other mobile quarterbacks have refused to do in order to gain an NFL roster spot.

Within four days of being cut from the Cincinnati Bengals the Cleveland Browns have signed wide receiver Terrelle Pryor. Being cut from the Bengals was the final nail in the quarterback coffin for Pryor, and as result had finally given the announcement of transitioning into the wide receiver position.

The Browns are more than happy to take a chance on a player whose measurables are 6'5" & 235 pounds. To put this into perspective, Dez Bryants' height and weight is 6'2" and 218 lbs. And even with massive size Pryor can still move with a 4.40 40-yard dash. While the transition may be difficult, with the athleticism Pryor has just may see the Cleveland Browns have a serviceable red zone threat, or even a talented #2 receiver on the field. If all else fails the Browns will be cutting just another player who couldn't crack a 53 man roster. A win-win situation for the Browns.