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Suggs' waistline no issue

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs may be a little goofy and can sometimes lack that serious bone, but don't get it twisted- 'Sizzle' is ready for a big season.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports
Many analysts and fans have made a big deal about Terrell Suggs' waistline. While it is true that Suggs is a little heavy right now, let's not forget that it is still technically the off-season. There is still 83 days left before the start of the NFL season. With OTAs finished, most players are getting their first chances to get into their 'fighting weight' as Suggs put it. After a long 2014 season that saw the Ravens so close to a Super Bowl and Suggs with one of his best seasons, he likely needed the added time to rest and rehabilitate his body.

Entering his 13th year in the league, Suggs isn't able to spend his entire offseason working out like he used to and in fact, he shouldn't. At 32, even a "young 32" but Suggs' own admission, his health is paramount to the success of the defense, both as a player and as a leader, and is harder to keep up at this age. It's why you typically see veterans miss most of training camp and get some additional days off during the season in order to keep their bodies fresher longer. Suggs is no different in that aspect even if he can act like a rookie at times with his joking personality.

The idea that Suggs is somehow overweight right now is overblown. Seeing him personally, he looked a little beefy, but nothing that warranted any concern. He was mobile during minicamp practices and showed off enough speed to put pressure on the quarterback on Wednesday's practice. Given that training camp is starting in July and will last roughly a month, Suggs will have more than enough opportunity to shed some of the unwanted weight he has from his offseason, especially if the temperatures keep like they have been during the previous practices.

Even if he doesn't, the added weight might be a positive. Many players in their later years like to add on a little mass to help shield themselves from the rigors of 16+ NFL games. While the Ravens will likely try and substitute younger players in more for Suggs this season, that little bit of extra weight will help keep him more injury free towards the end of the season when guys typically get hit with weird lingering injuries.

Make no mistake that Suggs is a veteran and one of the best in the NFL at his position. He's put together a Hall of Fame worthy resume in his 12 years as a linebacker, so he's not likely to lose that competitive fire that has made him the best suddenly. Suggs will do what is needed to be at a top level again this season, both for himself and for the team.