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Ravens Sniff Around Another Free Agent CB

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

When we say Ozzie is never really done, we mean it. The latest rumors have the Ravens among several teams sniffing around free agent CB Tarell Brown over the weekend.

I was a fan of the Ravens going after Brown earlier in the off-season, before we signed CB's Kyle Arrington and Cassius Vaughn. While Arrington is a lock for the final roster, Vaughn is battling Asa Jackson, Chris Greenwood, and Tramain Jacobs for the last spot or possibly two. Assuming the Ravens were to sign Brown he would be in the mix for the same spot(s). While competition is good, I don't see the point at this point in the offseason. Maybe they just worked him out to see what he has left in case of injury.

I was a fan of Brown because of his proven track record of high level play with the 49ers, and his age. Although he had a down year last season with the Raiders, it is not like he had much support there. He also was playing through a broken foot. I doubt we see him in purple this season though.