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Most Hated Opponent?

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Where does your mind go when you think of hated Ravens opponents. Hines Ward would likely be toward the top of most fans list. A notorious cheapshot artist, the beloved Steeler wide receiver was always good for a bone rattling hit or two when your head was turned. He gave a couple good knocks to Ed Reed over the years, and Jarrett Johnson returned the favor with a real whopper before Hines retired. He was a true AFC North warrior, playing tough hard nosed football. But other than his proclivity for borderline dirty hits and his loud mouth, I really don't see much hate-able about Hines. He was a classy player, stayed out of the news for off field stuff, and always had a smile on his face. If he wasn't a Steeler, I wouldn't hate him at all.

So who gets me every time?

How about the prettiest girl at the party, who doesn't belong on the gridiron. Tammy Brady. Is he a Hall of Famer* ? Ya, most likely. But his whining, his prima-donna attitude, and worst of all his arrogance just get under my skin.

Two incidents stick out the most for me:

  • The Kick: Cleats high in the air

Tom Brady, class act that he is, tries to impale Ed Reed while sliding to end a run. The refs ignore it, like they do most things Brady does. Luckily we sent him packing.

  • "Learn the rule book"

Last year in the playoffs, when John Harbaugh complained about the officials handling of the illegal formations, arrogant old Brady told John to "learn the rules"

"Maybe those guys gotta study the rule book and figure it out," Brady said. "We obviously knew what we were doing and we made some pretty important plays. It was a real good weapon for us. Maybe we'll have something in store next week."

    The reaction of the competition committee to mandate how the officials handle it, not to mention the courtesy the officials gave the Colts the following week for similar anticipated situations clearly show that John was right.
    Let's not forget Deflategate, or the fact that he is the reason the league invented rules to protect Quarterbacks below the legs. But worst of all, the guy is the anti-Flacco. He literally complains to the refs on every play.
    So Tom Brady, you are public enemy #1. And the Ravens are coming for your lunch money!