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Will the Ravens Move On From Extension Talks With Yanda, Tucker Soon?

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With talks on an extension stagnating recently, will the team open up discussions with other players instead?

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The Ravens owner and Front Office were very clear about their extension priorities. With star cornerback Jimmy Smith now locked up, the team would be able to focus their attention on their 2 other extension priorities: All-Pro Guard Marshal Yanda, and Pro-Bowl Kicker Justin Tucker. However, it has been 5 weeks since Jimmy Smith's extension, and nothing has been finalized with the others.

So when is the time to move on to other players?

I have faith that Justin Tucker will get done- there is an established ceiling for Kickers around a reasonable $4 million, and the price for the franchise tag is not exorbitant. But if the numbers are not lining up with Marshal Yanda, then maybe the time has come to open the negotiations to others and see what happens. 3rd year Guard Kelechi Osemele and safety Will Hill would be the likely candidates, although it is questionable in my mind whether the team would consider extending Hill. I am not sure he is in the team's plans long term with Kendrick Lewis and Terrance Brooks under contract for the next 3 years, and Matt Elam for the next 2, despite how well he played.

So has the time come to make Osemele an offer and play him and Yanda against each other?

This would seem like the logical next step, the question is whether we have reached that point. Ozzie told the PSL ticketholders in a conference call:

"If we don't get it done, we'll move on to the next."

Plus, recently Jamison Hensley reported that the team is losing patience:

"[F]or the first time, you could sense that Newsome is losing some patience," wrote ESPN’s Jamison Hensley. "The next man up on that list should be guard Kelechi Osemele."

However, keep in mind that the last time Yanda was in negotiations, it took until the end of July to get it finalized. This time might be much more complicated though, with Yanda at the top of the league at his position. The Baltimore Sun put out an article from Jeff Zrebiec speculating on how expensive Yanda's price tag could get. We all want him to retire a Raven, being the epitome of a Raven, but we also know Ozzie will stick to his mantra of right player, right price.

The price tag for Osemele is likely pretty straight forward- similar to Yanda's expiring deal and the recent deals for Orlando Franklin, Louis Vasquez, and Mike Iupati, in the 5 year 30-35 million range. The Ravens might end up having to 'settle' for Osemele.

We will just have to wait and see. Hopefully this all works out, but be prepared for the worst.