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Is the west coast the best coast in the NFL?

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The Ravens will set up shop twice this season on the West Coast.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens are scheduled to play against teams in the AFC West and NFC West this upcoming season, which means they'll be packing for a lot of trips out west. In fact, five of the first seven Ravens games this year are on the road; four of them are across the country.

Baltimore has decided to stay out on the West Coast after two of their games, in an effort to "limit the back-and-forth cross-country flights that take a toll on players’ bodies and mess with their sleep cycles." The team's itinerary goes like this:

  • After the Week 1 opener in Denver, the Ravens will fly out to California, San Jose specifically, before they play the Raiders in Oakland the following week.
  • After the Week 6 game in Silicon Valley against the 49ers, the team will fly directly to Phoenix, Arizona. They will then play the Cardinals the next week on Monday Night Football.
The players seem to be fine with it, including our signal caller Joe Flacco. His wife however, may not be the biggest fan, "She probably is gonna be in for it a little bit" said Flacco of his wife, Dana, who would be responsible for taking care of the couple's three sons, all aged three and under. Flacco complimented his wife however, saying "That’s just part of being an NFL quarterback’s wife, man...That’s why you gotta get a strong one.’’ Although based on Flacco's empathetic demeanor in the interview, seems like No. 5 could use some time away from No. 1, 2 and 3.

Hopefully the Ravens cope well with being away from Baltimore for an extended period of time. Those of you
Ravens faithful on the West Coast however, may luck out, and get a double dose of Ravens football.