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Rookies Write Down Goals

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Three Raven rookies write down feats to accomplish

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

When rookies were asked to write down their goals for their first season, some wrote racking up 1,000 or 1,300 yards. One wrote to play in 35% of offense. Another wrote to play in 1 game. But above all else, Maxx Williams made me the happiest.

Maxx has one single goal on his mind. Not the yards, not the touchdowns, but just two simple words. "Win Superbowl" Isn't that everybody's goal? To hoist the Lombardi trophy above your head in a battle worn jersey as confetti rains upon your beloved teammates as you made history. And that's exactly what Williams wants. Don't take this as me knocking any of those NFL players goals, I'm simply happy to know that the Ravens brand new tight end wants to set the goals of his entire team above any amount of yards or endzone celebrations.

Maxx Williams was not the only player to write down a goal for the Baltimore Ravens, as Javorius "Buck" Allen & teammate Breshad Perriman also put the sharpie to the polaroid photo.

"Starter" wrote Allen, the runningback from USC. A difficult goal to achieve when sitting behind recently re-signed starter Justin Forsett, and also the second year runningback Lorenzo Taliaferro also in the mix for more carries. It's a good goal to have. Work that hard, and if he beats out Justin Forsett all the more power to him.

Breshad also has a big goal ahead of him as he scribbled down "Best Receiver". Now I don't know if he means, on the team, in the league currently, in frachise history, or all-time, but I'm okay with any of the above. Breshad is going to be something to watch, and I'm looking forward to the player who is quick as lightning and roars like thunder.

Three rookies, three goals. By the end of the season I can only hope to talk about all three becoming true.