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Ravens' Eye View: Look forward to Trestman's high octane offense

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Things are looking up for the Baltimore Ravens and by up I mean aerial.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

What fun is it for us writers if Marc Trestman's offense in 2015 replicates exactly, play-for-play, Gary Kubiak's system? As I breathed in the acrid aroma created by the musky, Richmond streets on my 40-minute walk to campus, this bitter idea formed: if MT mimicked Kubs', then we would lose in the postseason.


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Trestman could manage time of possession more wisely in his debut campaign, of course, we here at Beatdown believe that MT could go the distance this season. With Steve Smith Sr. leading the pack, I feel MT will deploy the captain as a decoy to create gaping chasms  for Marlon Brown and Breshad Perriman to wallop through.

We would love to see Maxx Williams or Perriman to nab rookie awards. But those self-glorifying medallions should never cause dissension in the locker room or divert our players' focus on the only honor that matters: the sterling, silver Vince Lombardi trophy that matters.

Let's win a championship.