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Ravens Minicamps: Day Two Notes

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Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Day two of three is down. The players got here early to take their photos and do the video needed for the Ravens' five primetime games, and stayed late with practice running until 5:30.

Rain makes things interesting

It's Maryland, so of course the weather is going to change all the time. Today was no different as the rain rolled in and dripped on the field for about half of the practice. It should have made the coaches happy as they get their players some exposure to the elements for the first time this offseason

It's America

Head coach John Harbaugh was asked what he thinks about his brother's, Jim Harbaugh, football across america camps. Harbaugh is taking the University of Michigan on tour around the country, with nine stops at some of the biggest football states in the country.

Harbaugh didn't pull any punches and delivered a speech much like his brother.

I think he's spot on.... What are we arguing against? An opportunity for young athletes to take a look at colleges from other parts of the country. Especially those that are not in socio-economic situations where they can travel all over the country to look at schools. If we're arguing against that, we're arguing against America.

Injury free

Again, I can't say exactly how important keeping guys healthy is for any football team. The Ravens came away from another practice without another injury. With the rain and the intensity cranked up, the players and coaches have done a great job of taking care of each other, especially when a player does go to the ground.

Players are even beginning to come back from injury. Today, the Ravens had Robert Myers back on the field. The players that have been dinged up in the past are starting to get to the next level as they get further from their issues. Guys like Lardarius Webb and Terrence Brooks look better than they did the day before, which is what you want to see during minicamps.

I asked Webb how he was feeling so far in minicamps and he admitted that he's still trying to get himself acclimated and back to where he wants to be, but that he is feeling good.

I'm feeling awesome man. I wasn't here during OTAs and I'm back now, getting my feet acclimated. Out with the boys; I missed them a little bit. Just having fun man. Getting the defense back, the secondary back to where we want to be.

Competition is fierce

As practices churn on, players get a little testy. We saw it yesterday with wide receiver Steve Smith yelling at players and we saw a little more of it today. No fights, but cornerback Lardarius Webb and wide receiver Marlon Brown could be heard jawing at each other a bit. It started with an offensive pass interference flag getting thrown as Brown pushed Webb down to secure a touchdown throw in the corner of the endzone. The flag got thrown and Webb made sure that Brown knew what was going on. It didn't end there either as Webb kept the mouth running during the next few plays as well.

When asked about what was going on out there, Webb noted that it was just some fun between the receivers and defensive backs.

I gotta mess with all the wide receivers. I have to do a little talking. Not really trash talking, just messing around.

There were a few instances where flags were thrown as the wide receivers battled the defensive backs and both sides let the referees know they weren't happy with the calls if they went against them.