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Current Favorite Raven: Jimmy Smith

Why this corner has my affection most.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The almost literal 'corner'-stone of the Baltimore defense is my favorite Raven currently. Jimmy Smith is my boy, and within my year of being a Baltimore Beatdown author I've talked about Smith the most.

My second paper ever posted on this site was, "Jimmy Smith: An In-Depth Look from Draft Bust to Star". I worked hard on that paper to impress everybody who would read it. I wrote that like #22 himself was going to e-mail me back a thank you letter. Then, after a garbage go ahead touchdown for the Bengals as AJ Green beat Chykie Brown I wrote once more the talents of Jimmy Smith. (Still boggled why Smith didn't cover Green on that play). Jimmy Smith, like I said, is my boy.

From his complete struggles four straight years to being part of the greatest goal line stand the Baltimore Ravens have ever endured, I've watched it all and couldn't be happier.

From my second story ever, you'll see in a stretch of 4 games Pees called on Smith to shadow #1 wide receivers, Brown, Marshall, Johnson, and Gordon. He allowed zero touchdowns in the process and absolutely blanketed wide-outs big and small. This is what Jimmy is capable of still. He is only 26 years old, which means the prime of his career will be the next three seasons, and we'll be able to witness the best corner in the AFC North lock away pass attacks.

Smith is our best corner, and with some full seasons ahead of us Jimmy could become the best Raven cornerback ever. I have no doubts in Smith when on the field, he plays with character, heart and skill. Jimmy Smith plays like a Raven.