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Rob Carr/Getty Images

In a recent article on, Kevin Patra went around the league and listed some questions for each team in minicamps. The Ravens questions seem to back up what Ravens fans feel, that we have a deep roster with few big question marks. Patra's questions were regarding scheme, and depth chart.

Baltimore Ravens

How much of the zone-blocking scheme that Baltimore thrived with last year will new coordinator Marc Trestman utilize? Can Breshad Perriman crack the starting rotation? What does the defensive line look like behind Timmy Jernigan and Brandon Williams?

Compared to many other teams on the list, these seem like minor issues. If Perriaman gets beat out by a better player, so be it. He will play whether he starts or not. The depth behind Jernigan and Williams is unproven, but there are many good options to go with.

The question about Trestman's scheme seemed pretty much answered in OTA's- he will keep most of the scheme, with some new wrinkles and different playcalling. I think his version of our offense will be an upgrade over Kubiaks personally.